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...Is Being Born With 'Special Musical Talent' Highly Over-Rated?

...Here's What Formerly 'Average'
Players Who Are Now Top-Tier,
Gospel Bassists
Told Me...

Dear Friend,

The more I meet and talk with truly "top-gun" gospel bassists, the more I realize that being born with some "rare musical talent" for the instrument is so highly over-rated...

Controversial?.. Not at all.

In fact, the real truth is that...

...Most of the players we listen to, admire and consider to be "Gospel Bass Monsters" started off as very, *very* AVERAGE SOUNDING, non-special players.

And even those who were "naturally talented" still had to spend time focused on the same four 'Growth' elements like everyone else...

Building a bigger IDEA BANK to pull from to play songs...

Sharpening their understanding of PLAYING IN CONTEXT...

Widening their Gospel VOCABULARY...

Improving their ability to EXECUTE the ideas they hear in their heads on the fly...

...Ideas, Context, Vocabulary and Execution

I'll explain what I mean, and prove that if you concentrate on these elements you can literally write your own ticket for how good you can be... Naturally talented or not.

But first let me tell you about;

The 4 Biggest Complaints I Hear From
Struggling Gospel Bass Players ALL THE TIME

Complaint #1: When a new song is playing my mind goes blank and I have no IDEA how to approach it...

Complaint #2: When I do decide on something to play, many times it feels ill-suited, sounds corny, or comes across as INEFFECTIVE and un-interesting to the ear…

Complaint #3: If I do figure out an approach that sounds OK, I end up beating to death, the same old phrases over and over… Verse after verse, song after song, service after service...

Complaint #4: Sometimes I do think up some cool stuff when the CD player is going or someone else is playing, but they all hop out the window the instant I pick up the bass... I just cannot translate what I hear to the instrument…

These are all things I hear from REAL players and students day in day out.

Here's What I Recommend You Do to
Cure These Symptoms

First off, don't feel lousy about having any of these problems.

At various times, we all struggle with one (or more) of the 4 complaints I listed above...

That's why I can so accurately describe them to you, because I'm man-ing up and dealing with them myself.

...The only time you should feel lousy is if, now that you are aware of the problems, you do nothing to work on curing them and just keep dreaming of somehow magically becoming a more respectable player.

If you're serious however here's what to do:

SYMPTOM #1: "When a new song’s playing I have no IDEA how to approach it..."

CURE: You gotta spend more time actively seeking out tiny IDEA-SNIPETS and PLAYING STRUCTURES that work interchangeable over several of the songs you want to play.

This usually comes by you getting an understanding of why something worked in one song that you liked and how it can be applied elsewhere.

As an added tip, the more fundamental the IDEA, the more likely it is to work in various playing situations.

SYMPTOM #2: "When I do decide on something to play, many times it feels ill-suited, sounds corny, or comes across as INEFFECTIVE and un-interesting to the ear…"

CURE: Whenever an idea you play feels like it doesn't fit, or feels unsettled, it means that you're making a mistake somewhere along the line with CONTEXT-INTERPRETATION...

An effective bass line NEVER feels corny... So if what you play does indeed feel corny it means you're not being as EFFECTIVE a player as you can be... Maybe you're over playing... Maybe you're not with it harmonically... Maybe your sense of groove isn't meshing with the band...

One way or the other you are interpreting something about what you should be doing wrongly.

SYMPTOM #3: "If I do eventually figure out an approach that sounds OK, I end up beating to death, the same 5 licks, fills and phrases over and over… Verse after verse, chorus after chorus, song after song, service after service, month after month, year after year...

CURE: This one's actually kinda obvious but deceptively tricky at the same time...

The reason you're playing the same phrases, patterns and runs over and over and over to the point where they start driving you NUTS, is simply because your GOSPEL VOCABULARY is too limited.

That's the obvious part...

FACT - Every genre of music has a specific authentic vocabulary built into it over the years (very much like the words of a language), and to improve your control of that style (in this case Comtemporary Gospel) you gotta spend time learning that VOCABULARY...

The tricky part is this: If all you do is try to just memorize licks verbatim from songs, you end up either quickly forgetting them or using them only where you first heard them... I don't think I have to tell you, but that's just not gonna cut it.

Hint... The most effective methods to learning new vocabulary involves (among other things) visual, audio and mental associations, pronunciation mastery and comprehension to the point where you can USE IT IN A SENTENCE!

SYMPTOM #4: "Sometimes I do think up some cool stuff when the CD player is going or someone else is playing, but they all hop out the window the instant I pick up the bass... I just cannot translate what I hear to the instrument…"

CURE: This one is a biggie... Being able to execute the ideas you hear in your head is huge.

But the fact that we can verbalize almost any idea we hear in our heads using our voice gives us a good clue as to how we go about solving this common frustration.

And I'm not just talking about singing something that you want to play...

That's part of it yes, but I'm talking about specifically spending time doing exercises that FORCE us to get comfortable with "Mind to Fretboard" translation...

Think about it... How did you became an expert at getting stuff out of your head and turned into the spoken word?

Think deep... Think about the process itself.

It was all about a constant cycle of 1) Output, 2) Comparison and 3) Course correction. Thankfully this is the same process we gotta use to get proficient at 'executing' the ideas we hear in our heads through the bass.

The Good News Is You Do NOT Need to Master
Any of These 4 Areas To See Significant Results...

You just need to see some gradual improvement.


The results you see by specifically targeting and working on Idea Generation, Context, Vocabulary and Execution really are mind blowing because of how quickly the growth shows.

The instant you plug just 3 or 4 better ideas into your memory bank, the overall effective on your playing is visible because most good ideas are widely interchangeable!

...Learn 3 or 4 pieces of new authentic Gospel Vocabulary and your playing takes another instant bump.

I've heard guys go from being "bass nobodies" to becoming irreplaceable band members just because they FOCUSED ON speaking the ideas and using the vocabulary people expect to hear when you play Gospel.

But here's where it really gets cool.

This is perhaps the only real secret I have for you today... The secret that everyone often over looks...

Everytime you make a small improvement in one of these four areas it has a COMPOUNDING EFFECT on another!

Stop and imagine for a second what happens...

When you learn just 2 more groove playing ideas... You have 2 more ideas than can possibly work over hundreds of songs...

When you raise your level of Mind to Fretboard Execution, not only do your existing bank of IDEAS benefit, but that higher level of execution simultaneously gives you access to more Vocabulary you couldn't play before...

You up the game on your understanding of CONTEXT and guess what happens to your use of VOCABULARY!...

I'm not sure if you're getting this but if you are you should be getting very, very excited!

The point is, by making even small, subtle improvements to your Idea Bank, Context Comprehension, Vocabulary and Execution you are literally able to revolutionize your playing.

Ok so let's assume you "get" what we've been talking about so far... You see the need in your own playing for getting up on better ideas, better Gospel vocabulary, better understanding of context and better execution...

What do I have that can make this 4 step process super-streamlined for you?

I want you to take a look at a quick video break down I have for you... It'll show you the main components of the "Gospel Bass Player" course and hopefully you'll see something you like.

But as watch this I want you to keep something in mind... I want you to think of the gazillion systems that go into making a car work...

Then think of the fact that they work whether or not you fully understand how or why they work

...Really... All you gotta do is start the car, get in gear, step on the gas, steer and brake. FUNDAMENTALLY that's all you gotta do to drive a car.

Likewise we can complicate this a lot, but fundamentally if you work on getting up on Ideas, Context, Vocabulary and Execution even very "average" players are going to "GET IT" and that's that.

So basically that's the "Gospel Bass Player" course. We're gonna show you how to tweak the 4 main levers you have available for improving your playing.

But I'm Going to Make This
Even More Fun For You

How? By throwing in two cool bonuses worth $29.



I know that at the end of the day all any musician really wants to do is PLAY and have FUN...

So as a special bonus addition to the course I've included a 15 Song Play-A-long Audio CD, with professionally done tracks minus bass, so you can jam along.

To be clear, these aren't lame computer generated jam tracks... These tracks are REAL SONGS good enough to get radio air play... And they are all yours.



In addition to all the live playing we did on DVDs 4A and 4B, after the entire project was long done, I arranged to have Ty (the bassist who worked with me on this project - he's good) go back into the studio for another 17 hours and record additional, more intricate, more involved studio versions of the songs we taught.

The reason this is cool is because you get to see the evolution of the live "re-active" idea vs the polished, "thought out" studio version... Being able to listen to both the live tracks and the studio tracks really further helps you get a deeper grasp of playing context.

And to me this is a very cool thing.

Just to Give You a Heads-Up Though

I'm pretty certain these two bonus items will be pulled and sold separately as stand alone products for around $29 in the very near future, because we get request all day long for play-a-longs and examples.

And these are as top-grade as they get.

The bottom line is though, if you're remotely interested in getting "Gospel Bass Player", why not do so and get all the goodies you can now?

Ok Alex, How Much Does This Cost?

Well it depends on if you're a fast-action, take charge kinda person, or if you're slow to act and indecisive.

The retail price for this course is set at $97 PLUS S&H. A very modest price tag by any stretch of the imagination. However we always try to do special deals during our product launch periods and reward the "early birds"...

So if you order right away I'll throw in $20 worth of Instant Rebates and let you walk away with the entire "Gospel Bass Player" set at an even more tempting $77.

Here's How to Order Securely

Simply click the button below, reserve your copy today, and I'll rush your course out within the next 24-48 hours via priority mail. I guarantee, you're going to love this.

Now the only thing left to ask is if you're a player or a wannabe dreamer... I mean only you will know and it's cool by me either way. All I know is that this is the real deal and it 100% can help you kick your Gospel bass playing into high gear.

P.S. I forgot to mention that the "Gospel Bass Player" DVD Course comes with a 90 Day No-qibble, No-gripe Money Back Guarantee that works like this...

You try the course and you either see real results or you don't. If you don't see he results you want, send the course back, and I'll send your money back...

You don't have to get a note from your mommy explaining anything... You don't have to get on the phone with a high pressure sales person who'll try to convince you to keep it.

This isn't a mortgage or a marriage... You're not bound for life... All you're doing is testing some fresh approaches out to see how it works for you, and I shoulder all the risk.

P.P.S. Click here to order now.

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